Discussion Questions

Carefully consider the following questions. Write down your answers (1 - 2 paragraphs) for question # 1 within a word document and submit your answers to your seminar leader. Be prepared to discuss all questions during the seminar section.

  1. Think of hypothetical screening programs for diseases of interest to you; find one example of a disease where high sensitivity would be more important, and one example where high specificity would be more important.
  2. You have probably had the experience of being screened many times (e.g., cholesterol test, glucose level test, blood pressure measurement). What is more important information from a PATIENT's point of view (PPV/NPV vs. Sensitivity/Specificity), and what is more important information from a PHYSICIAN's point of view (PPV/NPV vs. Sensitivity/Specificity).
  3. What are some strategies to reduce lead time bias in studies evaluating the efficacy of screening programs?