About Epiville

Epiville is a collaborative project between the faculty in the Department of Epidemiology at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Heath and the Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL). Drs. Zablotska, Herman and Lapp from the Mailman School of Public Health are the driving force behind this project and have been with the project since its inception.

Daniel Herman and Lydia Zablotska conceived the concept of a web-based, multimedia simulation to teach basic methods of epidemiology. Lydia Zablotska developed the Epiville scenario, directed the project and supervised all aspects of its implementation including oversight of all educational content. Daniel Herman and Ian Lapp helped to elaborate the design, educational tools and concepts and reviewed drafts of the modules. Ian Lapp designed the evaluation of the project and has provided ongoing monitoring of its educational efficacy.

Since the Summer of 2001 when the first version of Epiville was developed there have been many fruitful collaborations with faculty and doctoral students in the Department of Epidemiology who contributed to the project in various ways. Lydia Zablotska wrote and Gary Heiman assisted with the development of the Cohort module; Jason Cuomo worked on developing Case-Control and Ecological modules; Lina Titievsky worked on developing SARS 1, SARS 2, Bias and Confounding modules; Teresa Janevic and Matthew Lamb worked on developing Screening, RCT and Causal Inference modules. Jamie Geier and Russell McBride assisted with editing and updating the modules. During the summer of 2009, Kerry Keyes wrote, and Debbie Barrington and Lydia Zablotska assisted with the development of new Bias and Confounding modules. Kerry Keyes, Debbie Barrington, Lydia Zablotska and John Encandela assisted with editing and updating the modules for Epiville's move to its new web platform.

We gratefully acknowledge assistance from the faculty at the Department of Epidemiology, and in particular Drs. Stellman and Shapiro for their helpful comments at the initial stages of the project.


Epiville 4.0 Application

Executive Directors
Frank Moretti
Maurice Matiz

Associate Director
John Zimmerman

Production Direction
Ryan Kelsey 2006-present
Ted Bongiovanni 2004-2006

Project Management
Steve Welsh 2012
Nitin Gumaste 2009 - 2010
Michelle V. Hall 2005-2009
Raymond Cha 2003-2005
David Van Esselstyn 2002-2003

Web Programmer
Zarina Mustapha

Interface Design
Marc Raymond

Content Production Assistant
Devayani Tirthali