Transcript Reporter: Stew O'Neil

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"Good evening. I am Stew O'N eil and you are listening to WEPI Channel 1 news. From our Health and Medicine Desk - doctors at the Epiville General Hospital report a suspected outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Since its first appearance in China's Guangdong province in November 2002, SARS has spread so quickly as to alarm global health officials. This spread has been facilitated by world air travel. We spoke with hospital officials who report a steady rise in unusual pneumonia cases over the past two weeks. The hospital administrator, who declined to be interviewed, has told us that the majority of patients came from Area B of Epiville. As of now, 12 persons have died from what may turn out to be SARS. If you have experienced high fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, and have visited friends or relatives in Area B within the last two weeks, you may want to see a doctor."