Randomized Trials

Student Role

The Epiville Department of Health has been inundated with calls concerning the sudden increase in cases of Susser Syndrome throughout the community. Along with attempts at understanding the cause(s) of this condition, the EDOH is invested in finding treatments for those with the disease.

Researchers at the Epiville General Hospital have teamed up with the Epiville Department of Health and DoseEmAll Pharmaceuticals to conduct a Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial on the effectiveness of a new drug (KimFaderol) designed to treat the most severe symptoms of Susser Syndrome. Researchers are hoping that this drug will be the first to demonstrate efficacy in treating the symptoms of Susser Syndrome. Your supervisor has asked you to oversee the design and analysis of the randomized trial.

You can learn more about Susser Syndrome on the Epiville Department of Health webpage.

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