Causal Inference

Discussion Questions

Carefully consider the following questions. Write down your answers (1 - 2 paragraphs) for question # 1 within a word document and submit your answers to your seminar leader. Be prepared to discuss all questions during the seminar section.

  1. Do you believe that television viewing is a cause of early smoking initiation? Why or why not? What evidence in addition to what is presented in the article and the module would you need to definitively be convinced that television watching is a cause of smoking initiation?
  2. Do you think the epidemiologic evidence is conclusive enough to merit a public health intervention? What would be the general rules to devise a public health intervention?
  3. Think of two examples of exposure/outcome relationships that you believe are causal, and describe why you believe that the relationship is a causal one. What points of evidence were necessary in your evaluation of a causal relationship?