SARS Outbreak Study 1

Learning Objectives

A. Describe the principles of an outbreak investigation.

  1. Define an outbreak .
  2. Describe an epidemic in terms of person, place and time.
    • Describe key factors to consider when developing a case definition .
    • Describe how the choice of case definition can influence an outbreak investigation.
    • List different surveillance methods used to ascertain cases.
  3. List the six steps in an outbreak investigation.
  4. Describe the role of an epidemiologist during an outbreak investigation.

B. Describe the principles of outbreak management

  1. Describe different methods of outbreak management as they pertain to the epidemiological triad (i.e., host, agent and environment).

C. Explain the importance of unrestricted flow of information among different public health agencies during an outbreak investigation and the timely communication of this information to the public.